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1) First you will go and log-in to your edublogs.

2) Then under the recommended list you would find my blog Megan’s World.

3) If you want to leave a comment you would click on the topic.

4) Then leave your name and comment, and website  and then click submit.

5) I will then reply .

What is a great blog?

This is for Student blogging challenge #4.

What do consider a great blog? What makes this a great blog? How would I change my blog.

I consider a great blog, a blog with stories. Some pictures and even some websites. What makes a good blog is a blog that is very interesting. It has many new things to read about. I will want to see a blog that is not only good but great.How i would change my blog? I would change my blog by adding new things when i have time to do so. I will use pictures and websites. I will write what I want when I want. How I can Change my blog? Well i need help on changing my blog.          Can you please send me some comment on what i need to do


If you were to visit Nevada

This post is for challenge #3 of the student blogging challenge.l

Want to come on a vacation with you and your family. Then come to Nevada where you will find the amazing shark reef.You should come and visit Nevada because of the shark reef. This is so awesome because if your an animal lover like me, you can come and see some amazing animals. There are many animals here like eels,  sharks many, many different sharks, jelly fish, alligators, turtles, stink ray, and many more animals. This would be very fun for you and others, just take a look at these websites.


Post for Challenge #2

This post is for challenge 2 of the blogging challenge.

I think that it is never okay to use a picture on their blog because it is giving too much information and it is very dangerous.  Someone may get all of your information about you and give you spam mail or do something else. Students should be very cautious on what they show and give out to other people. You never know who will look at it.

Post for Challenge #1

This post is for Challenge 1 in the September 2010 challenge.

You should visit my blog because I am going to make this so fun but yet so educational.  I think that you will enjoy talking to me from where ever you are. You can learn many new things about my blog but mostly about me. I will be posting about me and what my teacher tells me to post.  Hope that you will visit Megan’s World.